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Makeup and photographer together!

We have teamed up with Mountain Meandering Photography LLC. When you book your wedding services with both of us, you will receive 15% off makeup and $100 off photos! Click the link below to check her out.

Additional fees that may be added

-Up to 20 mile commute is included in the service fee. However, beyond that there is a travel fee of a $1 per mile fee.

-If the wedding or event is 3 hours or more away from Vancouver the cost of a hotel will charged.

-If start time is earlier than 8 am (this includes commute for locations 2 hours or more away from Vancouver there will be an early start fee of $100.

-If a 2nd artist is needed to complete services in clients desired time frame an additional $100 will charged.

-There will be a charge of $100 for each additional hour of service above list times

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